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Is it possible for creationists and evolutionists to align their viewpoints? Dr. Emmanuel Ikechi S. Ajuzie believes these separate worldviews of the earth’s beginning do not need to be at odds. If you are pulled by different currents of thoughts that try to explain the origin of man, you will find unity at last in this expansive work.
Harmony of Evidences clearly outlines the biblical references to creation and addresses scientists’ theories of the formation of the earth as well as recently discovered links between animals and humans. Supported with extensive quotes, this discussion of the origin of earth closely examines the existing data and brings a Harmony of Evidences.
Regardless of your stance on creation, you will discover eye-opening concepts addressing the two schools of thought and a thoughtful portrayal of God’s role in our lives. The cloud over what is scientific and what is assumption will be revealed to dispel any doubt as to who has the authority over the universe.